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WP1 - More Moore

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2009 TEM analysis of Ge-on-Si MOSFET structures with HfO2 dielectric for high performance PMOS device technology DJ Norris, T Walther, AG Cullis, M Myronov, A Dobbie, T Whall, EHC Parker, DR Leadley, B De Jaeger, W Lee, M Meuris, J Watling and A Asenov More info
2009 Strained Si/SiGe MOS technology: improving gate dielectric integrity SH Olsen, L Yan, R Agaiby, E Escobedo-Cousin, AG O’Neill, PE Hellstrom, M Ostling, K Lyutovich, E Kasper, C Claeys and EHC Parker More info
2009 Nanoscale strain characterisation for ultimate CMOS and beyond SH Olsen, P Dobrosz, RMB Agaiby, YL Tsang, O Alatise, SJ Bull, AG O’Neill, KE Moselund, AM Ionescu, P Majhi, D Buca, S Mantl and H Coulson More info
2009 Silicon nanowires with lateral uniaxial tensile stress profiles for high electron mobility gate-all-around MOSFETs M. Najmzadeh, L. De Michielis, D. Bouvet, P. Dobrosz, S. Olsen, A.M. Ionescu More info
2009 Charging phenomena at the interface between high-k dielectrics and SiOx interlayers O. Engström, B. Raeissi, J. Piscator, I.Z. Mitrovic, S. Hall, H.D.B. Gottlob, M. Schmidt, P.K. Hurley, K. Cherkaoui More info
2009 Analysis of electron mobility in HfO2 /TiN gate metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistors: The influence of HfO2 thickness, temperature, and oxide charge M. A. Negara, K. Cherkaoui, P. K. Hurley, C. D. Young, P. Majhi, W. Tsai, D. Bauza and G. Ghibaudo, More info
2009 Leakage current effects on C-V plots of high-k MOS capacitors Y. Lu, S. Hall, L. Z. Tan, I. Z. Mitrovic, W. M. Davey, B. Raeissi, O. Engström, K. Cherkaoui, S. Monaghan, P. K. Hurley, H.D.B. Gottlob, M.C. Lemme More info
2009 Scaling potential and MOSFET integration of thermally stable Gd silicate dielectrics H.D.B. Gottlob, M. Schmidt, A. Stefani, M.C. Lemme, H. Kurz, I.Z. Mitrovic, W.M. Davey, S. Hall, M. Werner, P.R. Chalker, K. Cherkaoui, P.K. Hurley, J. Piscator, O. Engström More info
2009 Nanosil Network of Excellence Silicon-based nanostructures and nanodevices for long-term nanoelectronics applications F. Balestra, E. Parker , D. Leadley, S. Mantl , E. Dubois, O. Engstrom, R. Clerc, S. Cristoloveanu, H. Kurz, J.P. Raskin, M. Lemme, A. Ionescu , E. Kasper, A. Karmous, M. Baus, B. Spangenberg, M. Ostling, E. Sangiorgi , G. Ghibaudo, D. Flandre More info
2009 Optimization of RF performance of valence band-edge metallic S/D junctions in SOI MOSFETs via dopant segregation engineering R. Valentin, E. Dubois, G. Larrieu, N. Breil, J.P. Raskin, G. Dambrine, F. Danneville More info
2009 UHV Fabrication of the Ytterbium Silicide as Potential low Schottky Barrier S/D Contact Material for n-type MOSFET D. Yarekha, G. Larrieu, N. Breil, E. Dubois, S. Godey, X. Wallart, C. Soyer, D. Remiens, N. Reckinger, X. Tang, A. Laszcz, J. Ratajczak and A. Halimaoui More info
2009 Issues associated to rare earth silicide integration in ultra thin FD SOI Schottky barrier nMOSFETs G. Larrieu, D. Yarekha, E. Dubois, N. Breil, N. Reckinger, X. Tang and A. Halimaoui More info
2009 Arsenic-Segregated Rare Earth Silicide Junctions: Reduction of Schottky Barrier and Integration in Metallic n-MOSFETs on SOI G. Larrieu, D. Yarekha, E. Dubois, N. Breil, O. Fainot More info
2009 Improved effective mobility extraction in MOSFETs S.M. Thomas, T.E. Whall, E.H.C. Parker, D.R. Leadley, R.J.P. Lander, G. Vellianitis and J.R. Watling More info
2009 Strain sensitivity of gate leakage in strained-SOI nMOSFETs: a benefit for the performance trade-off and a novel way to extract the strain-induced band offset F. Rochette, X. Garros, G. Reimbold, F. Andrieu, M. Cassé, M. Mouis, G. Ghibaudo and F. Boulanger More info

WP2 - Beyond CMOS

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2009 Classification of energy levels in quantum dot structures by means of depleted layer spectroscopy M.Kaniewska, O. Engström, M. Kaczmarczyk More info
2009 Reduced Electric Field in Junctionless Transistors J.-P. Colinge, C.-W. Lee, I. Ferain, N. Dehdashti Akhavan, R. Yan, P. Razavi, R. Yu, A. N. Nazarov, R. T. Doria More info
2009 Investigation of oxidation-induced strain in a top-down Si nanowire platform M Najmzadeh, D Bouvet, P Dobrosz, SH Olsen and A Ionescu More info
2009 Confind energy states in semiconductors detected by a resonant differential capacitance method O. Engström, M. Kaniewska, M. Krcsmarczyk More info
2009 An electrical evaluation method for the silicidation of silicon nanowires X. Tang, N. Reckinger, V. Bayot, D. Flandre, E. Dubois, D. A. Yarekha, G. Larrieu, A. Lecestre, J. Ratajczak, N. Breil, V. Passi, and J.-P. Raskin More info
2009 Schottky barrier lowering with the formation of crystalline Er silicide on n-Si upon thermal annealing N. Reckinger, X. Tang, V. Bayot, D. A. Yarekha, E. Dubois, S. Godey, X. Wallart, G. Larrieu, A. Łaszcz, J. Ratajczak, P. J. Jacques, J.-P. Raskin More info
2009 Full Quantum Treatment of Remote Coulomb Scattering in Silicon Nanowire FETs S. Poli, M.G. Pala, T. Poiroux More info
2009 Phonon- and surface-roughness-limited mobility of gate-all-around 3C-SiC and Si nanowire FETs K. Rogdakis, S. Poli, E. Bano, K. Zekentes, M.G. Pala More info
2009 Channel-Length Dependence of Low-Field Mobility in Silicon-Nanowire FETs S. Poli, M.G. Pala More info
2009 Full quantum treatment of surface roughness effects in Silicon nanowire and double gate FETs M.G. Pala, C. Buran, S. Poli, and M. Mouis More info

WP3 - Joint Processing Platform

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2008 Fabrication and characterisation of strained Si heterojunction bipolar transistors on virtual substrates S. Persson, M. Fjer, E. Escobedo-Cousin, G. Malm, Y.-B. Wang, P.-E. Hellstrom, M. Ostling, E. Parker, L.J. Nash, P. Majhi, S. Olsen, A. O'Neill More info

WP4 - Joint Modelling and Characterisation Platform

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2010 Accurate prediction of the volume inversion impact on undoped Double Gate MOSFET capacitances O. Moldovan, F. A. Chaves, D. Jiménez, J.-P. Raskin and B. Iñiguez More info
2009 Non-metallic effects in silicided gate MOSFETs N.Rodriguez, F.Gamiz, R.Clerc, C.Sampedro, G.Ghibaudo, A.Godoy More info
2009 Implementation of the symmetric doped double-gate MOSFET model in Verilog-A for circuit simulation J. Alvarado, B. Iñiguez, M. Estrada, D. Flandre, A. Cerdeira More info
2009 Direct protein detection with a nano-interdigitated array gate MOSFET X. Tang, A. M. Jonas, B. Nysten, S. Demoustier-Champagne, F. Blondeau, P. Prevot, R. Pampin, E. Godfroid, B. Iñiguez, J. P. Colinge, J. P. Raskin, D. Flandre, V. Bayot More info
2009 Mobility Extraction in SOI MOSFETs with sub 1 nm Body Thickness M. Schmidt, M.C. Lemme, H.D.B. Gottlob, H. Kurz, F. Driussi, L. Selmi More info
2009 Experimental study of transconductance and mobility behaviors in ultra-thin SOI MOSFETs with standard and thin buried oxides T. Rudenko, V. Kilchytska, S. Burignat, J.-P. Raskin, F. Andrieu, O. Faynot, Y. Le Tiec, K. Landry, A. Nazarov, V.S. Lysenko, D. Flandre More info
2009 Substrate impact on threshold voltage and subthreshold slope of sub-32 nm ultra thin SOI MOSFETs with thin buried oxide and undoped channel, Solid-State Electronics S. Burignat, D. Flandre, M.K. Md Arshad, V. Kilchytska, F. Andrieu, O. Faynot and J.-P. Raskin More info
2009 A comprehensive study of magnetoresistance mobility in short channel transistors: Application to strained and unstrained silicon-on-insulator field-effect transistors M. Cassé, F. Rochette, L. Thévenod, N. Bhouri, F. Andrieu, G. Reimbold, F. Boulanger, M. Mouis, G. Ghibaudo, D.K. Maude More info
2009 Piezoresistance Effect of Strained and Unstrained Fully-Depleted Silicon-On-Insulator MOSFETs Integrating an HfO2/TiN Gate Stack F. Rochette, M. Cassé, M. Mouis, A. Haziot, T. Pioger, G. Ghibaudo, F. Boulanger More info
2009 DC and Low Frequency Noise Characterization of FinFET Devices K. Bennamane, T. Boutchacha, G. Ghibaudo, M. Mouis, N. Collaert More info
2009 Low-temperature characterization and modeling of advanced GeOI pMOSFETs: mobility mechanisms and origin of the parasitic conduction W. Van Den Daele, E. Augendre, C. Le Royer, J.-F. Damlencourt, B. Grandchamp, S. Cristoloveanu More info
2009 Low-temperature measurements on Germanium-on-Insulator pMOSFETs: evaluation of the background doping level and modeling of the threshold voltage dependence W. Van Den Daele, E. Augendre, K. Romanjek, C. Le Roeyr, L. Clavelier, J–F. Damlencourt, E. Guiot, B. Ghyselen, S. Cristoloveanu More info
2009 Floating-body SOI memory: concepts, physics and challenges M. Bawedin, S. Crisstoloveanu, D. Flandre, F. Udrea More info
2009 Ultra compact FDSOI transistors including strain and orientation : processing and performance C. Fenouillet-Beranger, L. Pham Nguyen, P. Perreau, S. Denorme, F. Andrieu, O. Faynot, L. Tosti, L. Brevard, C. Buj, O. Weber, C. Gallon, V. Fiori, F. Boeuf, S. Cristoloveanu, T. Skotnicki More info
2008 Reduced self-heating by strained silicon substrate engineering A. O'Neill, S. Olsen, Y. Yang, R. Agaiby, P.-E. Hellstrom, M. Ostling, K. Lyutivitch, E. Kasper, G. Enenman, P. Verheyen, R. Loo, C. Claeys, C. Fiegna, E. Sangiorgi More info
2008 Strained Si/SiGe MOS technology: improving gate dielectric integrity S. Olsen, L. Yan, R. Agaiby, E. Escobedo-Cousin, A. O'Neill, P.-E. Hellström, M. Ostling, K. Lyutovich, E. Kasper, C. Claeys, E. Parker More info
2008 A quasi two-dimensional compact drain current model for undoped symmetric double gate MOSFETs including short-channel effects F. Lime, B. Iniguez, O. Moldovan More info
2008 Experimental and Theoretical Analysis of Hole Transport in Uniaxially Strained pMOSFETs K. Huet, M. Feraille, D. Rideau, R. Delamare, V. Aubry-Fortuna, M. Kasbari, S. Blayac, C. Rivero, A. Bournel, C. Tavernier, P. Dollfus, H. Jaouen More info
2008 Carrier mobility in undoped triple-gate FinFET structures and limitations of its description in terms of top and sidewall channel mobilities T. Rudenko, V. Kilchytska, N. collaert, M. Jurczak, A. Nazarov, D. Flandre More info
2008 Extraction of n parameter characterizing mueff vs Eeff curves in strained Si nMOS devices K. Bennamane, M. De Michielis, G. Ghibaudo, D. esseni More info
2008 Monte Carlo study of apparent magnetoresistance mobility in nanometer scale metal oxyde semiconductor field effect transistors K. Huet, D. Querlioz, W. Chaisantikulwat, J. Saint-Martin, A. Bournel, M. Mouis, P. Dollfus More info

WP5 - Integration and Spread of Excellence

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WP6 - Consortium Management

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